Environmental policy


Our quality policy and environmental policy complies with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and its associated criteria. Our holistic approach to quality and the environment based on quality management, environment and information security, it makes it easier to have a holistic view of the business and there also add aspects of morality and ethics, as required.

ArkMix AB Quality and Environmental Policy

For broad sections of the earthly life ArkMix AB shall be a tribune to propagate, to expose expectations, to contribute to ideas on the implementation of the EU, Governmental and local directives, policies, to find out knowledge, skill on environment protection, to economically and efficiently use natural resources in the fields of life, production, business and services.

For organisations, builders and voluntary to the cause of environment, ArkMix shall be in the front with practical experiences, for rising theoretical level, a tool for conveying to the market a large various achievement in research and applications on environment economy, on sustainable development.

For entrepreneurs, ArkMix AB shall be an address for sharing experiences in dealing with issues of the environment, for stimulating products and technologies, exporting of green, clean, environment friendly, safe goods for the service of life.