Installation and Start-up

Installation and Start-up done by ArkMix people ensures a secure installation. ArkMix can either install the agitators or send an assistance installation supervisor to site.

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Ready to serve you

The company offer essential services in agitation used by companies in the process industry. With traditions dating back to 1946, the company specialise in serving you.

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Contact us

Contact us and we will find the best solution for you and your business.

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Setting new standards

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to integrate anaerobic digestion systems has been accepted by many municipals, agriculture facilities and industry. Although it’s not for everyone, using sewage sludge to generate power and produce a nutrient-rich soil amendment is something that should seriously be considered.

One big challenges municipals have is managing the sewage sludge. Many municipalities today are using biogas recovery systems, such as anaerobic digestion to increase profitability, better manage the sewage, generate on-site power and ultimately improve the environment.

The environmental benefits provided by anaerobic digester systems exceed those of conventional liquid and slurry management systems that use storage tanks, ponds and lagoons. Experts agree that the primary benefits of anaerobic digestion are odour control, improved soil nutrient management and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The process also captures methane and carbon dioxide, commonly known as biogas, which can be sold as fuel for cars, generate electricity or heat.

It’s often the environmental benefits, rather than the digester’s electrical and thermal energy generation potential, that motivate most municipals to use anaerobic digester technology.

ArkMix´s ambition is to be one of the premier players in preserving sustainable environment.

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Marketing approach.

The marketing approach of ArkMix enables customer access to the most effective process solutions and the most reliable equipment, delivered anywhere in the world within the designated time frame. Engineered for low lifetime costs and an attentive after sale support organization set the ArkMix Agitator Team in the forefront.

Maintenance and Repair

The ArkMix is the most maintenance-friendly, cost-effective, durable process agitator in the industry. ArkMix provides reliable repair services – using only certified technicians and factory authorized replacement parts; gears, impellers, shafts, bearings and all portable units. This service can be provided either at the customer’s site or at an ArkMIx workshop. All work is backed by ArkMix full warranty.

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About us

With 35 years of experience.

ArkMix AB is specialized in practical agitator applications in many branches, ArkMix has a clear vision of the way agitators shall be dimensioned and how they work.

With ArkMix experienced expertise with over 35 years in agitator business ArkMix AB is setting new standards in mixing. Our experts have experiences from the smallest lab-agitator to 22tons heavy agitators for iron ore slurries, with impellers from 100mm by diameter up to 6000mm by diameter, shafts from 14mm up to 500mm by diameter, free flying shafts up to 25m without bottom support, for volumes up to 50.000m3.

We are always working closely with our customers and together formatting and valuating our mutual efforts to the best possible process and economical agitation solution. The result puts ArkMix in the forefront as supplier and leads to lowest Life Cycle Cost and peace of mind for the operator. ArkMix has developed and owns a calculation method for the most optimal and proper agitator for its duty for a wide range of agitator applications.

ArkMix modular agitator build ensures flexible solutions in a wide range of agitator solutions and short delivery times but we also tailor agitators to fit in special materials and applications. We are pride in serving our customers so why not challenge us